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Brightwood Animal Hospital

Staff holding a cat while wearing a face mask


COVID-19 Protocols

Dear Clients and Friends of Brightwood Animal Hospital,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation during the last six months as we have navigated the changing directives of our public health officials in an effort to keep all of you, your pets and the staff healthy. Our goal was to be able to keep our services up and running so we could continue to care for your pets. The learning curve has been steep, everyone on staff has worked diligently and in less than ideal conditions at times, but we have and will continue to provide quality care and service to you and your pets.

To that end, as we move forward there will be some changes in our procedures as follows:

1. Beginning Monday, October 5 we will be allowing one (1) adult into the clinic with a pet for an appointment. If you have scheduled “back to back” appointments for multiple pets, have a friend or family member accompany you to supervise your other pet(s) in the car—do not leave them unattended at any time. ** These guidelines must befollowed:

>>>A mask or appropriate face covering is required at all times upon entry. It must cover the nose and mouth completely and must remain in place until you exit the clinic. Anyone who is unable or chooses not to wear a mask will be asked to follow our current curbside procedure and remain in your car. Additionally, if you or someone in your family has medical concerns or considerations and you prefer to not enter the clinic, complete curbside service will continue to be available to you.

>>>If you feel ill, have a temperature above 100 degrees F, have recently returned from travel in a “hot spot” area and/or been exposed to COVID-19, please make arrangements for a friend or family member to accompany your pet to the appointment.

>>>A staff member will come to your car when it is time for you to enter the clinic.

>>>Hand sanitizer is required upon entry. We will provide a touchless dispenser for your use.

>>>Social distancing areas are marked on the floor in the lobby and in the exam rooms. We ask that you respectfully remain in those areas as directed by the staff.

2. Please continue the practice of remaining in your car to check in, call 440-350-0123 and give the parking spot number and a cell phone number to the receptionist. A technician will either call or come out to you for history and information for the doctor and will escort you and your pet into the clinic for your appointment. Please do not leave minor children or other pets unattended in your car.

3. If your pet is ill and needs to spend additional time in the clinic for testing, care or monitoring, we will ask you to wait either in your car or in the lobby in a designated area. This will be at the discretion of the staff so we can maintain social distances for everyone and keep appointments moving. There is also the option of a “drop off” whereby you leave your pet with us and return at a designated time, calling from your car as when you initially arrived.

4. Grooming clients should follow the above guidelines. When you call to check in, the receptionist will let you know when to enter the clinic and in which designated area you will wait to meet with your pet’s groomer.

5. Surgery Check-In, Technician Appointments and Medication Pick Up will continue to follow the curbside procedure that has been in place. Adjustments may be made as we move into more inclement weather.

6. Please continue to use credit card payment as much as possible to minimize the handling of cash and checks. Please have a pen to sign your receipt.

7. Just a friendly reminder these procedures require additional time and sanitizing between appointments. We are aware wait times are longer than usual and we respect that your time is valuable. If you have specific time constraints, please communicate that information when scheduling your appointment or immediately upon check in. Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate your needs.

**Special accommodations will be made for euthanasia.

Again, thank you for your understanding and patience. More importantly, thank you for continuing to entrust us with the careof your pets!

Your Brightwood Animal Hospital Staff


Life has changed drastically for everyone over the last 8 months. We are so grateful for our clients that have reached out to show their support and understanding! We appreciate you and we are honored you have entrusted us with the care of your pet(s).

We are aware of the frustration during these past few months, both in the veterinary world and in the outside world, everyone has experienced in dealing with the many unexpected changes in all our lives. We understand it is difficult to wait in the car while your pet is inside the clinic without you. Please know we are trying to make these visits as happy, pleasant and stress-free as possible in your absence. We are excited to welcome you back into our building safely and cautiously with the goal of keeping both you and the entire staff healthy.

We greatly value you, your pet(s) and your business. We also greatly value our staff, including their emotional and physical well-being. The Brightwood Animal Hospital staff has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure the clinic is able to stay open to provide much needed medical care for your pet(s). They have done this knowing the risk to themselves and their families because they want and wish the best for your furry family member(s). They have shown this dedication by staying after hours, working through and without lunch or a break, coming in on days off, handling double the normal workload due to curbside service, dealing professionally with stressed clients and supporting families when it was time to say their final goodbyes while possibly coping with the fact there were multiple losses of pets that day. This is just a sampling of the care and dedication every staff member brings to the table every day.

We are always open to constructive criticism as we strive to improve ourselves and our services to you. Please choose to provide your constructive criticism with the same kindness and respect you also deserve. Rude, aggressive, hostile and/or abusive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Your access to services will be terminated.

If you want and value a veterinary clinic with a dedicated, caring and professional staff, look no further! We will welcome you to the Brightwood family with open arms and paws. We ask for kindness because, after all, kindness is free!